720 CreditPros

Notice of Cancellation Form Attachment

This form is to be used by clients who wish to cancel their initial contract for setup and services within the specified timeframe. Please fill out the details and submit the completed form to initiate the cancellation process.

Notice of Cancellation Form

To: 720 Credit Pros, LLC
5450 Bruce B Downs Boulevard, Suite 365
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544

I hereby give notice that I am canceling the contract for setup and services entered into with 720 Credit Pros, LLC. The details are as follows:

  • Client Name: [Your Full Name]
  • Contract Date: [Date of Contract]
  • Transaction Date: [Date of Transaction]
  • Address: [Your Address]

I understand that, pursuant to the terms of the contract, I have the right to cancel this agreement at any time prior to midnight of the fifth (5) day after the date of the transaction without any penalty or obligation.

Cancellation Notice:

"I hereby cancel this transaction,
Date: ________ (purchaser’s signature): __________________"

Please sign and date this form, then mail or deliver a signed, dated copy of this cancellation notice, or any other written notice, to the address mentioned above before midnight on the 5th day which begins after the date you signed the contract.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the 720 Credit Pros customer support team at [customer support email/phone number].

Note: This form is an attachment for your convenience and should be used in accordance with the terms outlined in the refund and cancellation policy. Keep a copy of this form for your records.